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Welcome to “The Fellowship” website!

This website was designed as a way for us to be the hands of Jesus and reach out to those who are looking for His touch to impact their lives. We long to see people experience God in a relevant, meaningful way and help them discover His purposes and plan for their lives.

We hope you will use our website often for information, special events and as a spiritual growth resource. We encourage you to consider becoming a part of our weekly services for life enrichment and fellowship.

Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM   Believers In Bondage  From the Sermon Series Freedom

Whether we want to admit it or not, we often find ourselves in bondage to the things of this world through what we call bad habits, anger, envy, worry, lust, addiction and compulsive behaviors just to name a few. All of us who have experienced these things know that we want to break free of them, but they have a powerful hold on us. Perhaps that’s why the bible calls them strongholds. Here’s the good news, although powerful they can be broken by the resurrection power of Jesus and we can enjoy a life of spiritual freedom. We will learn over the next  10 weeks that these strongholds begin because we open various doors to the enemy without even knowing it. We will learn how to identify them and then more importantly close them and experience true and total freedom! We encourage you to join us over the next 10 weeks for these powerful and life-changing messages.


 6:30 PM New Bible Study: A.D. The Bible Continues

Jesus is now resurrected, and everything has changed. His disciples have now gone from sadness, despair and disillusionment to overwhelming joy and a sense of victory because their Master did everything He said He would. But being human, they still had many questions and doubts. Jesus will now spend the next 40 days preparing them for His departure from this world and then 10 days later sending the Holy Spirit in His place. Like His death and burial and resurrection and although He tried to prepare them they just didn’t understand till it happened. Although He had empowered them while He was with them, they really wouldn’t understand the power within them until He leaves and through them He would change the world. Come join us as each Sunday we will watch each episode and then meet together on Wednesday evenings to discuss how what we saw and learned impacted our lives.