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Welcome to “The Fellowship” website!

This website was designed as a way for us to be the hands of Jesus and reach out to those who are looking for His touch to impact their lives. We long to see people experience God in a relevant, meaningful way and help them discover His purposes and plan for their lives.

We hope you will use our website often for information, special events and as a spiritual growth resource. We encourage you to consider becoming a part of our weekly services for life enrichment and fellowship.

Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM   September 27  Sermon Series, Battle Plan;  This Week Purpose of Prayer

Many times we find ourselves not praying because we don’t think we know how. But some of the most simple prayers in the Bible gave way to amazing results. Like the father in Mark 9:24 when he cried out, “I do believe help my unbelief!” and his son was healed. This series will help us understand why we feel so inept at praying sometimes and how we can overcome the obstacles that seem to block it. What prayer is and isn’t, locks and keys to prayer and what are God’s answers to our prayers, just to name a few. We invite you to make plans for this powerful series that not only will transform your life, but the lives of others.


 Wednesday 6:30 PM  Growth Group  September 23  War Room, Beyond the Movie

Whether you’ve seen the new hit movies or not this time of discussion and insight will not only transform your perception of prayer. It will help you find prayer to be a powerful weapon that is given to those who choose to follow Jesus. Through prayer you can make a difference in your family, church, community and nation when you learn to tap into the life changing power. Make plans to join us for this 5 week study and declare victory over the enemy!