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Welcome to “The Fellowship” website!

This website was designed as a way for us to be the hands of Jesus and reach out to those who are looking for His touch to impact their lives. We long to see people experience God in a relevant, meaningful way and help them discover His purposes and plan for their lives.

We hope you will use our website often for information, special events and as a spiritual growth resource. We encourage you to consider becoming a part of our weekly services for life enrichment and fellowship.

Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM   Lenten Sermon Series I Love to Tell the Story: Reach Out and Touch

Although God’s plan and purpose for Jesus to conqueror sin and death was fulfilled between Thursday at the Last Supper and Easter morning; there is so much more to what we celebrate than just His death and resurrection. In the last three years of His life Jesus not only taught, but showed us how to live so we would be able to experience the abundant life He died and rose to give us. Over the next six weeks we will learn through the Scriptures from Jesus Himself how to experience the Living God and His power in our lives. Join us for this empowering sermon series that will change your life!




Wednesday March 11, 2015  6:30 PM  Growth Group   Experiencing the Psalms :  Exulting in God Psalms 24, 57, 96, 126

Through a range of life experiences and raw human emotions we can identify with the Psalmists. They speak to us of times of deep despair to joy unspeakable. They tell us that in times when we are being attacked and experiencing hurt and pain, we can still find peace. And when we ourselves feel the weakest we can find strength in the Lord. They teach us to be open and honest with God, which always brings about times of praise and thanksgiving.

In this study we will use the Psalms as our guide to grow a deeper relationship with the Lord just as the writers did. Over the next 12 weeks we will study groups of these writings with similar themes. We will attempt to enter into the lives of these writers as they walked with the Lord and learn from their experiences.