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Welcome to “The Fellowship” website!

This website was designed as a way for us to be the hands of Jesus and reach out to those who are looking for His touch to impact their lives. We long to see people experience God in a relevant, meaningful way and help them discover His purposes and plan for their lives.

We hope you will use our website often for information, special events and as a spiritual growth resource. We encourage you to consider becoming a part of our weekly services for life enrichment and fellowship.

Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM   October 5, 2014     The Church’s Responsibility to Israel     Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem Sunday

All you have to do is turn on the news, look at a newspaper or magazine, we see and hear the unrest in the Middle East. Will it ever end? Will there be peace and at what cost? Psalm 122:6 reminds us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We are living in sobering times and we as the church need to take a stand and not be passive. We need to pray and intercede with a passion and do the Lord’s business until he comes (Luke 19:13). If you are concerned about future events and how we should be praying, join us this Sunday as we join with other Believers around the world to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.



Wednesday October 1, 2014  6:30 PM  Growth Group – New Weekly Study    Who Switched Off My Brain?

Science has finally caught up with the Bible! Through technology we have found that our thoughts really can control and affect other areas of our lives. A thought may seem harmless, but before we know it, it can become toxic and we find that what we’re thinking is affecting us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Left unchecked this will lead to very dangerous patterns and behaviors that not only hurt us but others around us. If you have ever felt discouraged, overwhelmed, confused and unfocused, there is good news for you, you can actually change the way you think and change your life. Learn how to conquer and break those unhealthy thoughts and patterns and start to improve every area of your life and have victory through practicing the wisdom of God’s Word. We will be using the study developed by Dr. Caroline Leaf to help us learn to develop and healthy life.