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Welcome to “The Fellowship” website!

This website was designed as a way for us to be the hands of Jesus and reach out to those who are looking for His touch to impact their lives. We long to see people experience God in a relevant, meaningful way and help them discover His purposes and plan for their lives.

We hope you will use our website often for information, special events and as a spiritual growth resource. We encourage you to consider becoming a part of our weekly services for life enrichment and fellowship.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service  7:00 PM


Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM  Sermon Series: One Dark Night   Sunday December 26 And the Gift Goes On

Black Friday has come, and the Christmas Season has officially begun. But this year seems to be different. The events that are happening around the world and in our communities are casting a shadow on an otherwise happy but hectic time. They are creating an uneasiness and even a sense of fear. People are searching for answers, they want to feel secure and at peace again. So, then the Christmas season is the perfect time to bring the hope that only the reason for the season can bring. We often don’t think about it, but on the first Christmas Jesus was the hope that was born into a world very similar to the one we live in now. People felt hopeless, they were filled with fear and looking for someone to come and save them from the oppression they felt. What He brought to the people then, He still brings now. Come join us and find the Light that pierces the darkness no matter how dark the times may seem.



 NO Wednesday 6:30 PM  Growth Group  December 23  A Life Designed by God  discovering who you were meant to be

We are currently learning how we can Discover Our Life Designed By God. God has designed you to live an abundant and wonderful life, but too many of us never tap into all that God has for us. We are looking at reasons why we are hindered by this life and how we can overcome any and all obstacles with the power of the Holy Spirit. Come join us on Wednesday evenings for a time of learning and discussion as we help one another live out the lives God has planned for us. Jesus was God’s gift to us, our gift to God is what we do with our lives for Him.